Google Assistant feels native, now you can understand Hindi language

Google Assistant, a virtual partner of Giant Tech, will now greet users in Hindi and understand other guidelines. The company has now enabled it to speak and understand Hindi. This assistant service is offered to Android (Marshmallow 6.0 and above support) phone users. It is said that soon this assistant will start supporting Android 5.0 Lollipop, iPhone and Android Go versions of smartphones as well.

Last year Google made Hindi Assistant Light available exclusively for other phones in English and on phones with Geo 4G features. The Hindi Assistant feature has been released to the user since Thursday. We used this assistant on LG G5 running Android 7.0. After saying ‘Namaste’ it responds by saying ‘Namaste’. Writing ‘Namaste’ also brings happiness. For this feature, hold the home button on the phone for a few seconds. Also, if you want to see ‘Namaste’ written in Hindi, you have to go to System Language Options and choose Hindi.

Google Assistant

With Google Assistant you can ask and say, “How are you, what are you doing, how was your day, which road can get you the closest?” Also if you are your Google Assistant will say, “Set an alarm at tomorrow morning”, then he will be able to do it for you too.

For the smartphones we talked about support, you press their home button for a few seconds. Then say ‘OK Google’, after which Google Assistant will ‘appear’ on your service. You can use it when you are busy messaging, calling, reminding and asking for directions.

Google Assistant Technical Program Manager Eastern Shah said, “Google Assistant is completely Indian. It understands your stuff in your language. It will help you with everything from biryani recipes to cricket scores.”

The Google Assistant feature, including Machine Learning, is designed with over two decades of search experience and knowledge of language, computers and user content. You will be able to ask Google Assistant such as – Where is the nearest Punjabi restaurant? How long will it take to reach Dada? What is the cricket score? Similarly, you’ll also be able to instruct Google Assistant – Wake me up at 7am tomorrow, take a selfie, send an SMS to Dad that will arrive in 5 minutes.

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