Google Assistant will help you send SMS soon

Google is testing to provide Google Assistant support for Android messages. This information has been known through a report. Google Assistant is the company’s artificial intelligence assistant that is present in most cases of Android handsets. Google Assistant can be used for the convenience of the user while chatting on Android messages. Also available in the range of Google Assistant Light Cheat App and Google Home Smart Speaker. This new feature has been identified by the developer, the company will roll out Google Assistant for Android messages to the user only after the company is satisfied with the test.

Miley Queen apps developer Karen Quinn and XDA Developer This support has been spotted in the first Android messages. Just as the Google Assistant feature works on the company’s Alo app, it will also work on Android messages. The image shows the developer asking Google Assistant to show the weather and nearby restaurants.

A few months ago Google confirmed that it had stopped investing in the Alo app, relocating all its employees to other projects and to the Android messaging team at all available resources. In the Android messaging app, the company has replaced the SMS platform with RCS-based chat. The chat does not provide end-to-end encryption like the carrier-based service Exp WhatsApp and Telegram, as it follows legal intercept standards like SMS, standard chat with the help of Google Smart Reply, GIF Sticker, Google Photo Integration, Better Message Search, Android Message. Added many smart features. Its web interface is similar to WhatsApp. You need to scan the QR code to sign in.

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