Google Assistant will now read your WhatsApp messages

Google Assistant is now much better than before. Google Assistant will now also read messages from WhatsApp, Telegram and Slack. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. The Google Assistant native messaging app used to read only SMS text, but now this feature will also support third party apps. Now Google Assistant will support many apps including GroupMeo, Discord, Slack, Telegram and WhatsApp.

To use this new feature, the user needs to activate Google Assistant on his Android phone and give the command to read my message. You can check if this feature is working for you by enabling Google Assistant. Make sure your notification contains the message you read.

Google Assistant will read your messages one by one. It will show you as a message card and will also tell you which application has received the message and ask you if you want to hear the message. If you say yes, it will read the message to you.

If the message contains audio, video or photo, this assistant will tell you that the message contains audio, video or photo, so media cannot be played. Once you read the text message, the assistant will ask you if you want to reply. You will then say the message and the assistant will translate it into text and send the message to the group or individual chat where it will be sent.

This working feature has started appearing on Android phones, it seems that this feature was introduced a while ago. Android Police First report this feature.

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