Google Chrome app updates password protection features, with caution

Google Chrome has improved password protection and other security features for Android and iOS. If you need to interfere with your saved password, the browser will send you a password change form immediately. Chrome will send a copy of your username and password to Google in a secure format, then Google will check your compromised information without removing your username and password from that protected format.

The technology expert has done the web standard Support Added, which provides websites with URLs to change passwords. This simplifies the process of forcing users to password. Using this standard, Chrome will warn users to template with their passwords and immediately take them directly to the webpage where they can change their passwords.

Google has introduced a few more features in Chrome 86 in, which have been revealed to improve user safety. Better secure browsing features for Android have been revealed, allowing Chrome to provide you secure browsing services to protect you from phishing, malware and other dangerous sites through real-time data sharing. Google announced enhanced Safe Browsing for desktops earlier this year and in a blog post Information It was reported that the number of users typing their passwords on predicted phishing protection phishing sites has dropped by 20 percent.

Chrome has also added a biometric authentication step before autocompleting the iOS password. You can set up authentication using your Face ID, Touch ID or phone passcode. If you turn on Chrome Autofill in Settings, Chrome Password Manager will allow you to auto-pass passwords in iOS applications or browsers.

Chrome 86 also brings ‘Mixed Form Alert’ for Android, which will alert users before submitting any unsafe form embedded on the HTTPS page. Such pages provide users with downloadable content via unsecured links or use forms that securely store data.

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