Google Duo Android app comes with data saving feature

A new data saver feature has been released for the Google Duo Android app. Currently, this feature has been rolled out to only a few users. Recall that a few months ago Data Saving Mode (Google Duo Data Saving Mode) was spotted in the APP and now this feature has been rolled out for some Android users. This mode can be accessed by changing the toggle flick by going to settings.

This will reduce the quality of the video for storing mobile data once the data saving mode is turned on. Some time ago, a web version was also launched with the extension of Google Duo through which audio and video calls can be made. For the information of your people, let us know that a new data saving mode has been introduced worldwide for Android users.

9to5 Google The first time it was identified, the report said, users are seeing this feature in version 50 and version 51 of Google Dove. It has been out via server side updates. We’ve also seen this feature after updating to Google Doo 51 version.

After turning on data saving mode, you will see a message stating that Google Duo will automatically restrict data usage on mobile networks. Explain that this new feature in Google Duo will replace the ‘Restricted mobile data usage’ settings. No information is currently available on how long this feature will be released for iPhone users.

As we told you, the data saving mode introduced in Google Duo will change the quality of video for storing mobile data. When the new mode arrives, both the caller and the person you’re talking to will be able to save data when making a video call. Go to settings and see if you see the data saver toggle switch.

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