Google Fast app launches chat feature to challenge WhatsApp and Paytm

A new chat feature has been added to the Google Speed ​​app to challenge Paytm and WhatsApp. The chat feature is being rotated slowly. This allows users to chat with another person, as well as send or claim money. The company’s main effort is to allow users to talk about paying through Google Tej. The latest change in Google Tej came after testing the payment features of WhatsApp in India.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the addition of the chat feature to the Tej app. In an email statement to Gadgets360, Google said, “We’ve added a feature called Tej that will allow users to send messages to their contacts and they will receive messages.” This feature is not currently available to every Google Quick user. This feature is slowly rotating. This feature can only be used when both individuals use the latest applications on mobile devices. We were unable to use this feature.

The Google Chat app has a separate chat button. It will be next to the Pay and Request buttons. This help users to talk in their contacts. You can block any communication or disable any chat thread if you wish.

Paytm in November last year The chat platform called Inbox forms part of the mobile wallet Was. With it, you can share photos, videos and locations. This mobile wallet chat platform responded to WhatsApp’s payment feature.

Now it will be interesting to see how Google Quick users are responding to the new chat feature. This application has over 12 million users. The platform has seen more than 140 million transactions since it was launched in September last year.

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