Google Feed English as well as Hindi, Google Go users will be able to listen to the webpage

At the ‘Google for India’ event held on Tuesday, the legendary technology company Google gave information about many features specially prepared for the Indian user. The company announced the Google Novels project. Tej was named after Google. In addition to these, many features were also announced for Google Go and Android (Go version). The most important of these announcements was for Google users. Now Google Go users will be able to listen to the webpage with the help of artificial intelligence. Google, meanwhile, has revealed that Samsung will soon launch its first Android Go smartphone in the Indian market, from where the screen was launched just last week.

Google has introduced two new features – bilingual news feed and audio playback. Google has announced that Google Feed will now come in Hindi along with English. It will be coming to Google Go platform soon. Rajan Anandan, vice president of Google India and Southeast Asia, wrote in a blog post, “News of your choice will now appear in search feeds in English and Hindi. Through AI learning, it will be possible to know what kind of news you would like.” In July, Google announced on its mobile phone that it would completely change its search app. It was made for America. The new feature was named ‘Google Feed’. The company said it will be available in other countries in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, audio playback is also a new feature that is going to come to Google Go. This will allow users to listen to the webpage. Google says the new feature works with natural language processing and speech synthesis AI. It supports 28 languages. There is support for languages ​​like Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi and Tamil. It will also work on 2G networks. Additionally, Google states that the AI ​​will decide which parts of the webpage to read and which not.

Google also said that Indian brands like Micromax, Lava, Nokia and Transcend are making Android (Go version) smartphones. The price will be such that it can be reached to most people.

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