Google Go app launch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Maps can be found in one app

The new app Google Go has been launched to give internet users a better Google experience using low-cost handsets. All features of Google services such as Search, Voice Search, GIF, YouTube, Translation and Maps and Search Bar are available through this app. Google Go will also showcase ongoing search trends and top stories on the web on a specific issue. On Tuesday, the company launched the new Google App at the Google for India event.

“We have taken feedback from thousands of Indians so that new users can access the internet through Google Go,” said Shashidhar Tagore, vice president of engineering at Google.

In addition to Google’s services, users will also get apps like Facebook, CreekBook and Instagram through the new Go app. The app has a button that allows users to translate search queries in one tap. Google, which is less than 5 MB in size, accepts 40 percent less data and is optimized for devices with less than 1 GB of RAM. This application is available for download on all Android devices from today and it will come pre-installed on Android Go devices.

Google has announced Orio Go for smartphones with 512MB-1GB RAM. It is an optimized version of Android 8.0 Orio that is designed for low priced smartphones. It will be available in the next few months when it is currently available to developers via Android 8.1. The Orio Go running device will have 15 percent faster start time. The company says pre-installed applications will take up 50 percent less storage if optimized. Google says that on average Orio Go devices can store up to a thousand additional photos, including these optimizations.

Orio Go will provide security features in the standard version, including the Google Play Protection Prot Go version of the device will come with the active data saver feature by default. Users will be able to download any app, but it has a new section that includes apps specifically optimized for Go version devices like Facebook Lite and Flipkart. Google Apps has been optimized to work better with low-end devices. And Assistant, Gmail, Chrome, Search, Maps, YouTube, and Gboard Go versions will be preloaded on Orio Go devices.

In addition to Google Go and Orio Go, the Files app was launched at this event. It will be pre-installed on the Go version device. It comes with a custom build for the Go version device and it helps to free up space on the phone, find file transfers and share files offline. The app can allow the user to delete a heavy file or delete the source (WhatsApp for example) file with just two taps.

At this event, a special version of Google Assistant for Geo phones was also launched. It is the first AI-based digital assistant for any feature phone.

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