Google Maps Android app now also has bike mode

The importance of the Indian market for Google can be inferred from the new features introduced on Google Maps by companies. Google Maps Android app also has two-wheeled mode. In this mode the estimated time to travel by motorcycle, scooter or other two-wheeler will be called. Google has given information about the new features in the Google for India event. The new mode will appear next to car, foot and train options in the Google Maps Android app. In the latest version of the Android app, the new mode has been activated for each user.

Google Maps has new two-wheeled mode with customized routing and voice navigation and advanced landmark navigation. This feature has been introduced for people riding bikes in India. It is known that it was first introduced in India.

If thought, launching this type of product in India seems to be a logical decision, as the huge population of India travels only on motorcycles. In addition to these, there are many roads where there is not enough space for large vehicles. Google said at its event that India is the largest two-wheeler market. About 70 per cent of all trains registered in India have two-wheelers. For this reason, this feature was first introduced in India.

Previously, the driver used options such as walking and driving to find the right path for the bike. Now Google is using machine learning for this special two-wheeler mode.

This mode brings a variety of information for bikers. The driver will be informed about the time to reach the destination and all closed routes. In addition to these, you can also learn about the parking facilities available on your floor. This feature is also available in car mode.

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