Google Maps application for Geo phones

The Geo Phone upgrade was launched last year Geo Phone 2 Recently, at the annual general meeting of Reliance Jio Has been turned on Was. Geo phone As it goes on Chaos. In June this year, Google invested around Rs 151 crore in Kayas. The purpose is clear, Google’s apps can also be brought to the feature phone. So far this operating system has provided information about the work of Google Assistant, WhatsApp and YouTube. Now Google Maps will also work on Geo phones equipped with QOS. With this, Google Maps will be available in the market next month and is expected to be available on Geo Phone 2.

Google Maps has been made available on Geo phones after the latest software update. If you want, you can check Jio Phone Software Update (2018.628.2) by going to Settings> Device> Software Update. The update can be installed from here. Your phone should have at least 30 percent battery for software updates. After updating the latest software, the user has to go to the Jio Store app. The Google Maps app displayed on the home page needs to be installed here. We’ve been able to use the Google Maps app on our live phones.

The Google Maps app is kept very clean for 2.4 inch display Geo phones. The size of Google’s app for Chaos is much smaller than Android or iOS. You’ll find options like search, map, your location, drive, two-wheeler, train or bus, walk, map levels and more. This app is also easy to navigate. You must choose one of the locations given in the advice. Users can also access world maps if they wish. But on such a small screen we advise you not to do it. You can also get information about traffic in different regions.

In February of this year, the Facebook app for Chaos was launched. Afterwards, information about the support of YouTube and WhatsApp app was given at the launch event of Geo Phone 2.

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