Google Maps is helping people affected by the lockdown

Google Maps lists public food shelters and night shelters in 30 cities across India. The purpose of this new feature on Google Maps is to assist citizens affected by COVID-19, the coronavirus lockdown. Currently it is only available in English but work is underway to make it available in Hindi as well as English. All you have to do is have the Google Maps app on your phone, with which you can find your nearest food shelter and overnight shelter. In addition to this, this feature will also be available in Google Search and Google Assistant on your smartphone. You can also take advantage of QOS based feature phones like live phones.

Google is working closely with state and central government officials to find out about Food Shelter and Night Shelter. Mygove Twitter The matter was reported through the account on Sunday. At the same time, Google also confirmed this by releasing a press release on Monday.

It is also very easy to use. All you have to do is search for “Food Shelters” and “Night Shelter in” on Google Maps, Google Search or Google Assistant. Results will be shown to you immediately. Can use.

In addition, most of the people who need food shelter or night shelter are not smartphone users. How will this benefit reach them? Google also took care of this and ensured that this facility reached out to every needy person, as Google provided this facility Live phone Likes for feature phones have also been released. Google Assistant access is available on Geo phones. Not only is Google working to include more languages, but more city shelters will be added in the coming days.

Anil Ghosh, Senior Program Manager, Google India, said that NGOs, traffic authorities and volunteers are being enlisted to provide information on the benefits to the needy, so that every needy person who does not have access to a smartphone can get this benefit.

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