Google Pay called Google Pay, now you will also get loan facility

The Google for India 2018 event took place in New Delhi today. During the Google for India 2018 event, the company changed the name of its payment application Google Tej, now Google Tej will be known as Google Pay. Google aims to have Google Pay facility available in 1,50,000 retail stores in India by Diwali 2018. Businesses and merchants will be able to pay for Google Ad through Google Pay. Google claims that more than 1.2 million small business people in India are using Google Tej (Google Pay). Users will also get loan facility through Google Pay. To this end, the company has partnered with Federal Bank, HDFC Bank and selected banks. The loan amount will be pre-approved. Bank customers will pay this amount through the bank.

During the Google for India 2018 event, Caesar Sengupta, Vice President of Next Billion Users, said, “No matter what changes you make to the app, no changes are made, they will remain the same.” At the Google for India 2018 event, the company announced that 2.2 crore people use Google Tej every month. Since its launch in September last year, a total of Rs 75 crore has been transacted through the app. The company claims that VHM UPI transactions have increased 14 times per month since the launch of Google Tej. In March of this year, Google added the chat feature to the Google Tej app. This feature allows users to talk to another person in their phone book.

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