Google removes more than 100 personal loan apps from the Play Store, so find out

Google (India) says it has removed many personal loan apps from the Play Store in India that violate user protection policies. These applications were providing online loan services in violation of security policies. Google said in a blog post that it was reviewing hundreds of personal loan applications based on information provided by the government and users.

Google The decision comes at a time when many users in the past have complained to short-term offering companies that they are being harassed. Some aggrieved customers complained that many personal loan apps were not accessing their contact details. It was used by recovery agents to threaten them.

Google has not shared the number of apps removed from the Play Store since the recent decision. However, fintech expert Srikanth L said that Google has removed at least 118 digital loan applications in the last 10 days. Google has asked many personal loan applications to tell how they are following local laws and regulations.

In this case, the apps that have not been done so far have been removed without any notification. This information was provided by the Vice President of Android Security and Privacy. Reuters discovered in its investigation that at least 10 of the top apps on Google Play have yet to provide any information about the length of the repair.

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