Google tracks the location of your Android phone even when GPS is off

A new report reveals that Google collects location data even when the location service is off on your Android smartphone. Quartz claims that Android smartphones have location tracking even when a user takes big security measures such as disabling location, not using apps or not having a SIM card on the device.

Made by quartz Inspection It is claimed that Android devices transmit this information when the device is connected to the Internet. The report states that user location data tracking has been used since the beginning of this year. And the company takes an address from a nearby cellular tower even when the location service on the device is off. Quartz reports that Google has confirmed this method.

In a conversation with Quartz, a Google spokesperson said the company has been collecting cell tower addresses for about 11 months to improve push notifications and message delivery on Android devices. However, the spokesperson further said that the user’s location data was never saved during this period. He added that by November, Google will stop tracking user location data as the location of the cell tower. The company said that “Android phones will no longer send cell-tower locations to Google under this service (which users cannot disable)” The new report raises questions about user privacy because many people do not like to track their device’s location There is no way to stop it.

A Google spokeswoman said in an email, “In January of this year, we started using cell ID codes as an additional signal to improve the speed and efficiency of message delivery.” Deleted “” reports that any information sent to Google was encrypted.

Google please tell Own service Our Terms and Conditions for its use state, “When you use Google’s services, we may collect your actual location and process the information. We use a variety of technologies for location, including IP addresses, GPS and other sensors.” Nearby devices include Google data, Wi-Fi access points and cell towers. “

Currently, it is not clear which location was used for tracking, but it may be that Google has adopted this method for targeted advertising.

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