Google will be the new home for payments, Android Pay and Wallet are now on hold

Giant Google is soon to replace Android Pay and Google Wallet with ‘Google Pay’. Google announced it in January this year. UPI services will be provided to users with new designs and features as soon as new updates are released. Also, a new design of Google Wallet app will be released, named Google Pay Send. Blog post According to the information provided, a version of the Google Pay application has been released for download / update. With Google’s new features Website Also updated. But it will take time for the user to get used to it.

The company has also released 4 new YouTube videos, which provide information on how to use the new app. It details the user’s security and use of the app, as well as payment services. However, no major changes have been made to the functionality of the app. Google Pay app – Explain that there are 2 tabs in the home and card interface. Google Play Store The latest payment information, offers, and nearby store icons are available, according to the image displayed in the Google Pay app. It also has a card-style interface, allowing users to view debit, credit and other card options.

In addition to the new branding, Google has made these changes to compete with the payment apps of Apple and Samsung. Currently platforms such as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are available to the user. In this particular app, users like Android Pay will also be able to save payment information. Let us know that Android Pay was launched in 2015.

Speaking of releasing the app, the UPI service in the US and UK will launch in the next few months. The app has not been officially released for other countries, including India. Google recently announced in a blog post that a new app for fast users will also be brought. Whether Tej will be rebranded as Google Pay or whether the app will be available to users under the Google name is currently unclear.

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