Google’s File Apps gets new Safe Folder feature, 4-digit PIN will protect data

Google has introduced the Secure Folder feature to protect its File app data. This new feature helps users lock their personal files with a 4-digit PIN. Users can save any of their documents, files and media files in the File application, which they can only access with a 4-digit PIN code. The secure folder feature for Google’s beta files has begun to roll out and will be available to more people soon.

Google Tell me The Safe Fold feature prevents others from accessing your important documents, photos and audio files. This new feature of Google immediately locks your file as soon as you leave the file app, after which no one can access your file apps. This feature will prompt you for a four-digit PIN as soon as you try to access this app.

This secure folder comes under the ‘Collections’ section of the Properties browser tab and you can easily remove files from the folder. However, we list in the Google Play Store Files (v1.0.322488829) I was unable to get this feature. We also saw the next version v1.0.323588688, which did not see this feature in it APK Mirror Available by but Google says it will bring this feature to everyone in the coming weeks, so if you haven’t seen this feature like us, wait a minute and you will definitely see this feature in the coming days.

Tell me, Android Police Report If we assume that files disappear from galleries and file browsers as they move to a secure folder. This can be a problem for you if you uninstall your file application or clear the application data, you will not be able to access your files because they will not be available elsewhere.

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