Google’s Files Go app has been renamed to more than 30 million active users per month.

About a week after the launch of the beta version, Google has officially named its File Go app as File. In a blog post on Thursday, the world’s largest technology companies announced the renaming of the Google Files app. It was also reported that more than 3 crore people worldwide use this app every month. This app was first launched for affordable handsets in developing markets like India, Brazil and Nigeria. This application allows users to discharge junk files from internal storage in one tap.

Google Written in a blog post In less than a year, the FileGo application has grown rapidly. Now more than 30 million people use it every month.

Sadly, Google has not disclosed the reason for naming this Files Go application. The company seems to have made this decision to promote the use of this application. Because it was first designed for Google’s Android Go program. The intention is clear that its use should now be encouraged on devices in other sectors beyond the Android Go model.

In addition to the name change, Google has also redesigned it. It now comes with a material theme design treatment. The Google Sense font has been used in the File app and new icons have been added. In addition, the background of the app has been changed to white. Iconography has also been updated.

You can install the latest files from Google Play via the Google App. This application will work on all devices after Android 5.0 Lollipop. This application is 9.8 MB.

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