Government of India is working on COVID-19 tracker app: report

The coronavirus has devastated India. Meanwhile, news has come that the Indian government is working on an app these days with danger in mind. This app will try to keep people aware of this dangerous virus. According to the report, the name of the app will be CoWin-20, which is currently in the testing phase. With this he will be able to identify the people affected by this epidemic around him. In addition to these, the report further states that this app will also keep an eye on the users who recently met him and later he got infected with this disease. However, it is not yet clear when and how the government will launch this corona virus tracker app. Currently, another Corona virus tracking app from the Government of India is available for Android users in the Google Play Store.

News18 As such, this app is being developed by NITI Aayog and will soon be available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. According to the report, the Queen-20 app has been made available to some users.

The purpose of this application

D. The community monitors the spread of corona virus through user location

D. Warn the user when he is infected with a coronavirus.

D. This app will send notifications to users who have had users and now have been shown to be COVID-19 positive.

The beta version of the Queen 20 app is also used by The Next Web. They saw that the government would receive user data related to the coronavirus via Bluetooth. The report claims, “This app checks via Bluetooth whether you are within 6 feet of being a victim of the coronavirus.”

The report further states that the app will feature a map-like feature, which will continue to search for the user’s location history. “Thanks to Map-19, I’ve been able to see all the places I’ve been in for the last 14 days and all the people 5 feet away from me,” the report said.

Next on the web it is suspected that some of the features contained in the beta version of the Queen-20 application will not be included in its final version. The report states that the application will first ask for permission to access location data, which could lead to questions about user privacy.

Significantly, a 21-day lockdown has been declared in India in the wake of the coronavirus threat.

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