Great news for WhatsApp users, if you want to save data, do it now

WhatsApp is the most popular app in the world, you all must use it. Today’s article is especially for those users who have not backed up data from Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp on Google Drive. WhatsApp recently warned users that backups that haven’t been updated in a year will be automatically deleted from Google Drive. WhatsApp has started deleting data, if your data has not been deleted yet, you still have a chance. You just updated the backup of your WhatsApp data.

Recall that Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp signed a deal with Google in August last year. For the information of the public, let us know that this agreement was related to storing the data of WhatsApp users in Google Drive Cloud service. The purpose behind this is that users can easily reload the backup from Google Drive to their new phone in case of change of phone. This big move by WhatsApp may concern users who have not yet backed up data.

Recall that it was recently revealed that the social messaging app is testing the WhatsApp Forward Preview feature. This means that WhatsApp users now have to follow one more step before sending text, images, GIFs, videos or other content to multiple users. After adding this step, users will be able to reconsider many things, including adding and deleting other users from the list.

Easy way to backup data on WhatsApp

If you haven’t backed up data yet, let us know how you can finish this process. For this you need to open the WhatsApp app first. Go to settings by clicking on the three dots displayed in the top right. Select the Chat option in Settings and click Chat Backup.

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