Group calls of up to 8 people are possible on the WhatsApp iPhone app, this way

WhatsApp has released a new update for iPhone users to increase the group call limit. The update allows iPhone users to make a group call with up to eight participants. This maximum number was previously four users. Let us know a few days ago a similar update was released for Android users. Android also previously allowed four users to make group calls together, which has now increased to eight. The instant messaging app has been working on this feature for the Android and iPhone platforms for some time. After Android, iPhone users have been waiting for this update and now finally the company WhatsApp has also released the latest update of the iPhone.

WhatsApp V2.20.50 for the iPhone brings new group calling features, and according to Changelog, after this update, iPhone users will now be able to make up to eight voice and video calls simultaneously with a maximum of eight users. Basically, to use this feature, all users need to install or update to the latest version of WhatsApp. If you do not turn on auto-update on your iPhone App Store WhatsApp itself needs to be updated to the latest version. In addition to the increase in users on group calls, the Message Action menu has also been updated and visual improvements have been made for iOS 13 users, according to the update’s changelog.

How to make group calls with WhatsApp

The way to start a voice or video call will be the same as before, only now users can add up to seven users at once instead of three. To call a WhatsApp group, you must first open the group you want to chat with and click the call button in the upper right. If there are more than eight users in the group, WhatsApp will ask you which seven contacts you want to call. Similarly, if there are less than eight users in the group, the direct call will start. Members of the group whose names are not saved in your phone’s contact list will not be added to the call.

People around the world are following the rule of social distance and this is the advantage of the popular video conferencing app Zoom. The app is making double day and night progress. One of the big reasons is that the app supports dozens of simultaneous video calls. Of the top eight users, of course, WhatsApp still lags behind Zoom or Google Doo, but it’s clear that the company now understands the importance of group calling.

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