Hackers claim that there are flaws in the cure bridge application, many sick at PMO and army headquarters

French moral hacker Robert Baptist (Elliott Alderson on Twitter, or @ fs0c131y account) has described many Indian government officials as ill, and in a tweet he was confronted with a security flaw in the healing bridge coronavirus virus tracing app. Mili, who has created the Policy Commission in India with many volunteers. Baptists claim that a weakness in the Cure Bridge application allows him to easily see who is infected, sick, and who has evaluated the Cavid-19 himself. Although he was initially contacted by Indian cyber security agencies, the team denied his claim by building a cure bridge and on Wednesday IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad also assured the people that the app was safe. In response, Baptist has revealed some information obtained through the app and said that detailed information will be released soon.

Responding to a recent demand by the Union IT Minister, he described “Curing Bridge as a very powerful app for privacy and data protection”. Researcher Dr. That he is able to identify any errors that allow him to see anyone who has reported an infection, illness, or self-assessment in a particular area through the Cure Bridge app.

He said that according to the information received through the app on Tuesday, he found that five people were feeling sick in the PMO, two were sick at the Indian Army headquarters and one was attacked in Parliament. The hacker further claimed that he could see the sick person sitting in any house through the app if he wanted.

The hacker also claimed that he was able to find a bug in the Cure Bridge app early last month, allowing him to access any internal file of the app with just one command, although he said the Cure Bridge team quietly fixed the mess.

On Wednesday, the hacker promised that he would More information about security issues Will reveal and the Baptist promised the problem as promised Information Together Sharing blog posts He said that any hacker can get information about those who are unhealthy or infected or who have tested themselves through the app within the limited scope of the app. In addition to these he has seen that he can change his position in different places and see who is sick in this place. It claims to have found unhealthy people within 500 meters of Parliament. With an example, he said that the app can extend a range of more than 10 kilometers to get information about all the people in a city. Beyond that, the Baptist also claims that he was able to get information within just 1 meter of a location.

At present, no statement has been received from the Arogya Bridge team or the Information Technology Minister following this latest demand. Gadgets 360 is keeping an eye on this and will update as soon as you receive new information.

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