Healing Bridge already installed on new phone, registration is mandatory: report

The government’s Covid-19 tracking app, Arogya Bridge, is making headlines for both good and controversial reasons. Earlier this week, all central government employees were asked to download the Healing Bridge app and come to the office only when the app shows their ‘safe’ status. Now a new report claims that the Cure Bridge app will be pre-installed on all new smartphones. Not only that, another report claims that this app will be pre-installed in such a way that the user has to register himself on the cure bridge before setting up the new phone.

One of the mint Report Citing two sources familiar with the case, it has been reported that the Arogya Bridge app may soon be pre-installed on the new phone by default. The government has said that smartphone companies have already asked for shipping through their phone COVID-19 tracking app, but due to the ongoing health crisis, smartphone production has stopped, so it is currently on. Can’t Come Now If the lockdown restrictions are relaxed and the smartphone company resumes production, the Cure Bridge app will probably come pre-installed on all new phones.

The government is trying to take a step forward so that more people can join the cure bridge application. One of News18 Report Accordingly, users will be required to register with the Arogya Bridge app when setting up the phone for the first time. The move will be effective for all phones sold in the country, when smartphone sales begin in the country.

To ensure that this guideline is followed, the government will hire nodal agencies to work with smartphone companies and ensure that the Cure Bridge app is installed on the phone in such a way that the user does not leave the process of leaving the skin.

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