Hello Voice Assistant on MyGio Android App

Reliance Jio has now added a voice assistant to the Mizio app with the latest update. This new voice assistant called HelloGio My live Android app The top right corner can be accessed with the mic icon. This helper can be used to access the features provided in the app.

First, the new function Telecom Talk According to this report, which is open to all, Halogio can use voice assistants for both Hindi and English. Information about this new feature is not listed on Changelog on Google Play. And even though the latest release was made, we could not use this feature, which indicates that updates to the feature are currently being published periodically.

As we mentioned, according to the initial user, the Halogio feature is located at the top right next to the ‘Jio Application’ icon on the home screen of the MyJio app. Clicking on the mic button will take you to the Halogio Voice Assistant interface. It is worth noting that handsfree controls are not available for use in Halogio.

The new voice assistant can do a variety of things. These include mobile recharge, bill payment, music and movie play, opening a Geo app and making calls. With it, you can get answers to questions related to Geo Tariff Plan like ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer Key’. Hologio Voice Assistants can set alarms with voice commands. You should set your “alarm” for this [followed by the time you wish to set]”Say.

As we have said, all these tasks can also be done through Hindi Voice Assistant. Support for other regional languages ​​can be expected soon at Hellozio Assistant. There is no information on when this feature will be available in the Maizio iOS app.

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