How to change WhatsApp phone number without losing chat? Here’s the easy way out

WhatsApp lets you easily change phone numbers without losing the chat, today we are going to give you information about this method through this article. The instant messaging platform is the most used app among smartphone users. Most people take advantage of messages, voice calls and video calls through this app, but you can use WhatsApp with a register number. You will also need to update your WhatsApp account in case you need to change your existing number. However, it is quite possible that you can replace your existing number with a new number without losing the chat in the app. How? Let’s find out-

To make the process of changing your phone number easier, WhatsApp has a separate feature for it. You can easily update the old number with the new one by taking advantage of this feature. Not only this, the information about the number you changed under this feature will be automatically given to all your contacts. Let’s find out how to change your WhatsApp number.

Steps to change WhatsApp phone number without losing chat

Before starting the process of changing the phone number, insert a SIM card with new phone number in your phone and make sure that SMS and phone call is coming to the phone. Also, remember that your old phone number should still be registered on your WhatsApp. You can check the registered mobile number in the settings menu of your WhatsApp. Your name and phone number will appear on the screen. After clearing all the points, follow the steps given below and change your WhatsApp number-

– First open WhatsApp on your phone.
– Now go to settings on your iPhone or Android phone. Now tap on the three dot menu at the top left of the screen.
– Now click on the account option and tap on the change number.
– Now you will see a screen on which you will be asked if you are able to receive SMS and call your new number. After confirming, click on Next button.
– Now enter your old and new numbers here.
– Now click on Next.

WhatsApp will now ask you if you need to provide information to your contacts to change your numbers. This will give you all the contacts, contacts you have chatted with me and custom number options

WhatsApp will now ask you to register the new phone number. To complete the process, you will receive a 6-digit code via message and call, after which the registration process will be completed.

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