If you received the ‘TickTock Pro’ message, please read it before downloading …

TickTock Pro malware (virus) that can steal your phone data is being spread on WhatsApp through fake WhatsApp groups. It is spreading as a fake tic tac toe app, which was banned in India some time ago. Maharashtra Cyber ​​Cell has given its information. After being banned by the government, Tiktok fans are eagerly downloading this app through a link shared in WhatsApp groups. This is a fake app, which is a kind of malware

The Maharashtra government has issued a warning to users against this malware app for stealing sensitive information from your phone. The TickTock Pro malware app is similar to the original TickTock app. It wants access to your phone’s camera, image gallery, mic, and more.

By the government Limited to 59 applications There were plenty of users in India, but none of them were as popular as TickTock and there were many in its absence Indian alternatives also emerged Huh. Not only this, Facebook’s Instagram has also launched its TickTock option in Reals in India. Still, the government needs to warn people about this malware and it shows the popularity of TickTalk in India.

Maharashtra Cyber ​​Cell Tweets Warn people about this new tick-tock scandal. Government advisers say people have now taken advantage of Tiktok’s popularity by promoting a malware app called Tiktok Pro. Criminals are telling TickTock Pro the option of a limited app. They are sending text messages through various social media platforms and people are also being given a link to download the app. The message reads, (Translate) “Enjoy TickTock Video and recreate the creative video. TickTock is now only available on (TickTock Pro), so download it from the link below.” Advises not to download files, as they may be malware (a type of virus).

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