Image-in-picture mode on the WhatsApp Android app, will work this way

Instant messaging app WhatsApp introduced picture-in-picture mode for iOS users earlier this year. Now the company is working to give Android users a picture-in-picture feature on WhatsApp. Pipe support beta version 2.18.301 comes on the Android platform. This feature will open a small window in the app itself, where Instagram, Facebook and YouTube videos can be viewed. This means that after this feature in the app, you don’t have to go to Instagram, YouTube and Facebook applications to watch videos sent through any communication.

After receiving pipe support, if you click on a YouTube link, the video will start playing in the app. WABetaInfo According to reports, this feature is currently not working properly. The video automatically shuts off as soon as you leave the chat. With image-in-picture mode, you can talk to many people while watching videos. If you have downloaded the latest beta version 2.130.301 and still do not see this feature, then back up the chat. Then reinstall WhatsApp.

After reinstalling the app, you’ll see open play / pause, close and fullscreen buttons separately in the window. In addition, there will be options to increase the size of the video window, shrink it, and move it anywhere. WABetaInfo has noticed that Pipe Mode only works on smartphones that run Android 4.4 KitKat or higher. Image-in-image mode is currently available in beta. You need to download the latest beta version of WhatsApp on your Android phone Play the Google beta program Must take part. Also if you want APK Mirror You can easily download the APP file.

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