Image-in-picture support also came for the Geo TV app

Reliance Geo Geo TV has released an updated version of the Android app. With the new version, pick-in-picture (PP) support has now been added to the Zoo TV app. Image-in-image support is in high demand in media applications because this feature allows users to easily view content in any task.

Note that the image-in-picture feature in Reliance Jio’s Geo TV app will only work if your smartphone has Android 8.0 Orio or higher. The updated Geo TV app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Official changelog Wrote The image-in-picture feature has been introduced to enhance the user viewing experience. Now you can also enjoy Geo TV while chatting, browsing or doing other work. Google has introduced image-in-picture mode on Android 8.0 Orio.

It is a multi-window mode that allows users to watch videos in a small window while working on the device. There is no mention of any other feature in the official Geo TV Android version changelog.

Note that Jio TV is a live TV application. The Jio TV app provides content in a variety of languages. Jio users can only access Jio TV and it works on Android and iOS devices. The company has promised to provide support for desktop computers as well.

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