Impact of deducting Rs 26,000: Made in India electronic bike sells within minutes

Rivalt Motors opened two bookings for the RV400 on Thursday, July 15, and bookings closed within minutes of booking. According to the company, this bike has been sold due to the irresistible reaction. Let us know that Revolt Motors has RV 300 and RV 400 electric bikes of which RV 400 gives more range and top speed. Both electric bikes were launched in 2019. Earlier in May, bookings for both the bikes started and even after a good response, the company stopped booking for some time.

Revolt Motors took to Twitter to announce the sale of the RV400. Booking this electric bike on Thursday Open at 12 noon And the company is another after its 43 minutes Via tweet Sell ​​information. There is currently no information on when the booking of the RV400 will resume, but the company has given the ‘Notify Me’ button on its official website, through which customers interested in buying it will get information about the bike from time to time. Can get it.

Rebellion RV 400 price in India

The FEM-2 policy for electric vehicles was recently introduced by the central government, under which subsidies have been increased. For this reason, the price of the Revolt RV400 in Delhi has now come down to Rs 28,000, after which it can now be purchased at Rs 90,799 (former showroom Delhi). At the same time, it will now cost ৮ 87,000 in Ahmedabad. Customers will have to pay Rs 7,999 for booking.

Evolution RV400 Specification

The RV 400 is powered by a 72V, 3.24KWh lithium-ion battery and uses a 3KW electric motor to power this electric bike. It gets a dual disc setup with 240mm front disc and 240mm rear disc. In addition to CBS, RBS has also been given. It has three riding modes called ECO, Normal and Sport, in which the electric bike can reach speeds of 45kmph, 65kmph and 85kmph (kmph) respectively. In these modes the range of electric motorcycles moves 180Km, 110Km and 80Km (km) respectively.

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