Impact of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy: 72% of Indian users are ready to leave WhatsApp!

WhatsApp (WhatsApp) policy update has become a problem for the company. WhatsApp said in its new policy that it would share user data with companies, including Facebook. With this, Indian users are now keeping their distance from WhatsApp. A recent survey found that only 18% of users in India can continue using WhatsApp. At the same time, 36% of users expressed the possibility that they would significantly reduce their use of WhatsApp. In addition, 15% of users expect the app to shut down completely in the privacy debate.

WhatsApp Earlier people had given time till February 8 to review their policy, but now the company has extended it to May 15. The company said those who do not accept the policy in time will have their accounts deleted automatically. Since this policy update, apps like Signal and Telegram have been downloaded by millions of people as an alternative to WhatsApp.

The survey, conducted on WhatsApp, received responses from more than 24,000 people. It has been published through Mashab’s report. 24% of users report that they have Instant messaging platform Planning to switch over. At the same time, 91% of users said they would not use WhatsApp’s payment feature. These people assume that WhatsApp can share data related to their payments and transactions with the parent company Facebook and other third parties.

WhatsApp, however, has extended the policy update deadline from February to May 15. Signal and Telegram received 1.3 million downloads between January 1 and January 5, according to a report by Masable. Signal Although there has been a growth of 9,483% during this period, Telegram has grown by 15%. At the same time, between January 6 and January 10, WhatsApp’s download growth slowed by 35%.

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