Important features related to photos and contacts in the WhatsApp Android app

WhatsApp has released a new beta version 2.18.159 for Android users, which brings features of Media Philosophy. As the name implies, this feature gives the user the option to hide and display the content displayed in the media gallery. The latest version has a new communication shortcut, which will help you save numbers easily from WhatsApp. Let us know if the new contact shortcut has already been given to the iPhone user.

With the new Media Visibility feature, you can now block content from WhatsApp coming to the gallery. You can limit it to WhatsApp. If you disable media visibility, the content will not fit in your Gallery application. However, you can still view WhatsApp content separately at any time. It will then be possible to view it in WhatsApp. Photos and videos will not be visible in the phone’s Gallery app.

The beta version of WhatsApp has Media Visibility feature enabled by default. You can set this according to the settings – data and storage by going to the ‘Show media in gallery’ option to disable it. Please note that downloaded content from WhatsApp will not appear in the Media Gallery. You will only be able to view this content by going to the WhatsApp images provided in the File Manager app.

In addition to media visibility on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Beta also has a new communication shortcut, which will enable you to easily add new contacts. As we mentioned earlier, iPhone users are already using this feature. To take advantage of the new features, you need to download the beta version of WhatsApp on your Android phone. It can be acquired as a beta program or APK file of Google Play. New features first Wabetinfo I saw

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