In the new incarnation of Gmail, now the sent email will be deleted automatically

Since 2013, Gmail has been redesigned by Google. Looks like Microsoft Outlook has been released for new Gmail users with new enhancements. Along with Gmail, Google has improved services in the email storage database, such as the message sync feature on the device. This feature will be accomplished with the help of Google’s tensor processing chip, which will be able to send ‘sizzled replies’ and ‘nudges’ via hiccups. After sending the mail, the ‘auto-delete’ feature will work.

Gmail’s product manager said: ‘This is the latest incarnation of our flagship product. However, Google has not disclosed the cost of this new incarnation. ”


Security and smart

Google Bank says that with this feature, users will get the benefit of offline email for 90 days. The ‘Confidential’ option can limit the number of mail recipients when users email. OTP is also sent over the phone.


When it comes to cosmetic changes, Google’s calendar, task and note services will be provided on the Gmail site, which will be available to the user on the page.


What to do to get now?

You can start using these new updates in Gmail right now. Some features will be added in the coming weeks. To do this, first select the user’s settings – try the new Gmail. If you want to go back to the old Gmail window, you can go back to the classic Gmail.

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