Information on the millions of users of the at-risk Webkings World Games

Webkins World, an online game for kids, has compromised the data of about 23 million users. According to a report, a hacker has returned information about the users of this game. The game, called Webkings World, was launched in April 2005 and is very popular with children. This game is designed especially for small children, in which children play with beautiful and attractive looking animals. It is said that the unidentified hacker posted a database of these online games on a popular hacking forum earlier this month. This hacking is also believed to have occurred using the SQL Injection Hack.

ZD Net’s Report According to the report, the hacker uploaded a 1 GB file containing more than 20 million usernames and passwords. However, online leaked passwords were encrypted with the MD5-crypt algorithm.

It is learned that the issues in the Webkins World database were circulated online for some time and the game team identified and also removed some of the errors in it. The Canadian company that created the game did not completely solve the problem, which is why the hacker succeeded in his dreams.

A spokesman for the company said in a statement that WebKinz “never asked for a username, phone number or address, and that all transactions take place through our e-store, which has its own server and account, which is not accessible in any way through WebKinz.” Even if the password is decrypted, valuable information about the user account included in the game’s data is not found. “

According to information available on the Webkins support page, inactive accounts have been stored by the company for more than 18 months. It is also claimed that all information “except username and password” is deleted while saving the account.

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