Instagram Reels will now be able to create 30-second videos, adding many new features

Instagram’s latest update will allow users to create 30-second videos. So far, only 15 seconds of video can be created on this platform. While Instagram has announced the introduction of some basic but important and useful features for Reels, Reels has emerged as an alternative to Tick to make the feature more convenient. Let me tell you, this feature was introduced in India a few months ago. In addition to creating 30 second long videos, the timer limit on reels will be increased to 10 seconds with upcoming updates. You’ll also be able to trim the video and delete unnecessary clips. Instagram is about to release these new updates for users soon.

Updates these updates for Instagram releases Twitter Given through. The purpose of these updates for reels is to make short videos and feature reels more comfortable to upload.

Let me tell you, Reels is a short video creation and Instagram sharing feature that lets users record and edit videos with audio and visual effects. Tiktok app in India Bain Subsequently, the Facebook-owned company introduced this feature by providing short videos like Tick-Tock.

Users can record and upload 1 minute long videos on TickTalk. Although the length of the reels is slightly shorter, after the new update, the reels feature will provide users with the same length of video tickling. Let me tell you, so far only 15 second long videos can be uploaded and uploaded to the relay.

In addition to long videos, Reals will also make the video editing processor comfortable with upcoming updates. Currently, only 3 seconds relay is available for video recording, but this timer can be set to 10 seconds after the new update.

Significantly, earlier this month, Facebook-owned company Instagram released a separate app for app releases in India. Tab Is turned on. The purpose of this tab is to give users easy access to reel videos. Let me tell you, India was the first country where the tab for reels was first introduced.

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