Instagram’s ‘Reels’ feature is ready for Tiktok manufacturers and users in India!

Instagram’s new tick-like feature ‘Reels’ will be tested in India from 7.30 pm today. Roll Recently, Facebook-owned company is testing its new short video feature in India, this new feature is a lot like a tick-tick called ‘Reels’. I tell you, India is the fourth country after Brazil, France and Germany where ‘reel’ is being tested. As we mentioned, this feature will be launched in India from this evening, after which users will be able to view short content from popular content creators in the reels section of Instagram. The content that Instagram has created for Real Features includes Radhika Bangia, Jahnavi Daseti aka Mahathalli, Indrani Biswas aka Wondermuna and Amy Virk.

The Reels feature has been integrated into the Instagram app. To make a video of the reels on Instagram, the user has to open the camera in the Instagram app, then you will see the option of reels at the bottom of the screen, by clicking on it you can make a video of your reels. Instagram also offers some tools to use this feature, so you can record and edit your 15 seconds of video.

You can also use app music tracks and custom audio to create videos. In addition to tickling, you will also find video speed options, which allow you to slow down your video. In addition to these, you will also get the option of alignment, so that the creator can create the video in the right position in front of the camera. Augmented reality effects are also provided to make the video more fun.

This feature in other countries Experimental In doing so, Instagram was advised in the feedback from the creators that Reels would give the post a separate place to explore. Since then, the app has created a separate section for reels, so you can watch reels videos from different content creators. The reels section, like the IGTV video, will be provided to users’ app profiles where all the contents of the reels can be viewed.

Instagram says it is working closely with popular content creators and public figures to increase the popularity of Reels content. When the test launches, users will find content creators Amy Virk (3.3 million fans of TickTock), Gippy Grewal (1.7 million fans), Arjun Kanungo (1.1 million fans), Radhika Bangia (5.4 million fans). ), RJ Abhinav (1.6 million followers) and Indrani Biswas alias Wonder Munna (630K subscribers on YouTube) etc.

The app is currently in its testing phase, although Instagram Real is hoping that their platform will give tough competition to Tiktok’s alternative apps like India’s Speaker, Friends, Lounge, Rosopo, etc. I tell you, most manufacturers have taken to Instagram since Tiktok was banned in India.

As we mentioned, this feature of Instagram is currently being tested. There is no clear information on when this feature will be officially launched.

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