IPL 2019: New cricket sticker pack on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the proprietary messaging app owned by Facebook, has announced the launch of Cricket Stickers Pack on its app ahead of the IPL 2019. The new cricket sticker pack is available for Android users. The purpose of stickers on WhatsApp is to allow users to express their interactions with moods, reactions and experiences through Steader. It is noteworthy that in October last year, WhatsApp released stickers on its startform.

WhatsApp Android users need to go to the sticker tab in the emoji section and download the official cricket sticker pack. When you download the new pack like any other sticker, you will be able to share these with your WhatsApp contacts.

As we told you that WhatsApp has now released Cricket Stickers Pack for Android users and can be downloaded by visiting the Stickers Store. In this pack you will find many stickers related to cricket. It is worth noting that the Cricket Stickers Pack is being launched from the server side, to enjoy the new Stickers Pack you need to have the latest version of WhatsApp Android at 2.19.115 Download Have to.

WhatsApp may also release a cricket sticker pack for iPhone users in the near future. Remind the stickers on the WhatsApp platform in October last year Available Was created.

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