It is now possible to send private replies to group chats on the WhatsApp iPhone app

The iPhone’s WhatsApp app has received its first update of the year. Facebook-owned messaging company released an update for all iPhone models on Monday. Following this update, the private reply feature has now been introduced in the WhatsApp group. WhatsApp users will now be able to add stickers to photos and videos. In addition to these, 3D Touch support has come to preview the status of any contact. Note that this feature was part of the WhatsApp beta app a few days ago. The Reply Privately feature has been available to Android users since last month.

According to the changes published in the App Store, the new version of WhatsApp for iPhone is 2.19.10. Let us tell you in detail about the new features found in this version …

Answer in person
On WhatsApp, members of a group will have the benefit of replying in private chat. Earlier in the WhatsApp group, support for responding in person worked with the same users who were not part of the group. To use this feature, WhatsApp users need to tap and hold a message in a group chat. After that, the answer will have to be privately selected in more sections.

The personal feature of the answer was made part of the Android app in December

Stickers on photos and videos
According to the official changelog, WhatsApp users can now tap on the smile icon when editing a photo or video. This allows stickers to be added to the media. It is very easy to use. Users can drag and drop stickers on photos and videos to their preferred location.

To add stickers to photos and videos, tap the camera icon next to the chat text field. Next, choose an old photo or video of your choice, or shoot a new photo and video. Then start editing photos or videos, now tap the smile icon. You will then be able to see which stickers you can select and add to your media.

3D touch in preview status
In the WhatsApp iPhone app you will be able to preview the status of the contact by 3D touch on the iPhone user status tab. On the preview screen, users can also mute the status to their liking. It is worth noting that not all iPhone models support 3D Touch.

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