It will be easy for WhatsApp iPhone users to share anything!

WhatsApp has released a new update for its iPhone client, which adds a convenient content sharing feature to the app. The new v2.20.40 build of the instant messaging app now shows WhatsApp contact suggestions directly in the Share Sheets menu. This small but quite useful feature will give users the option to easily tap any name in the list and send it. IOS users can now easily share content with their WhatsApp contacts in just two steps. The update has been launched through Stable Channel and the new WhatsApp version is now available for iPhone users around the world, including India.

Earlier, only the WhatsApp icon was on the iPhone’s share sheet. Previously, tapping this icon would have selected the contact from within the app and the content should have been shared, but after the last WhatsApp update, users’ WhatsApp contacts would appear in a row at the top of the share sheet. All you have to do now is tap on WhatsApp contacts and you will have the option to send.

For example, if you’re sharing a photo, just tap on a WhatsApp contact. Soon, a basic share window of that contact will open on your iPhone, where you can send the image by tapping the send button.

The automatic WhatsApp communication advice feature on iOS 13’s share sheet is certainly a convenient option. If you haven’t received the update, you can Here You can install the latest WhatsApp build on your iPhone from the App Store. Let us know that after being available on the Android beta channel earlier this month, the WhatsApp iPhone client has also got the popular Dark Mode. Both Android and iPhone users were eagerly awaiting this mode.

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