It will take time for every user of Geo phone to get YouTube support

WhatsApp and YouTube applications were launched on August 15 for Geo phone users. WhatsApp and YouTube, the two most popular apps in the world, have yet to roll out for Geo phones. The shocking revelation came when the company announced that it would launch an instant messaging app by creating a WhatsApp batch. Only a few users at a time will get a WhatsApp application. At the same time, YouTube is also not available for download in the Geo Store. Gadget 360 has learned that Jio Phone will bring the YouTube app to all users in the next few days. The software update will come for Geo phones. After installing the new software, the video streaming app can be used on phones with 4G features. Please note that today is the first time an upgraded version of the Jio phone Geo Phone 2 A flash sale was sold.

WhatsApp and YouTube apps were shown on the Geo phone at the 41st Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries on 5 July. The company promised that the WhatsApp and YouTube app would be launched for Geo phones on the occasion of the 72nd Independence Day, but this did not happen. Go to the Devices menu and click Software Update. You will be shown here when new software comes from the company. Handsets like Facebook, Google Maps, Hotstar, WhatsApp and YouTube can also be downloaded from the Geo Store after updating.

Users can also open WhatsApp and YouTube apps with voice commands. Where other YouTube will play the video after understanding your voice. On the other hand, you need to use the T9 keypad to type the message on WhatsApp. The experience of WhatsApp on Geo phone will be similar to the experience found on Android and iOS devices. There is an option to watch videos offline in the YouTube app on Android and iOS platforms. This feature will not be available on Geo phones. Not only that, users will not be able to make voice and video calls from the WhatsApp app available on Geo phones.

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