It’s easy to detect messages forwarded on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has started rolling out a new feature that lets users know if their received message is forwarded. This Glimpse of the feature We’ve already got it in the WhatsApp Android beta app. This feature of WhatsApp will basically label all forwarded messages as ‘forwarded’. This will let any user know if the message was written by the sender himself or if the message was forwarded by another user. The new WhatsApp feature is being made available to Android and iOS users worldwide. It is believed that the company is trying to control the spam message through this feature which is using its platform to send it. Let us know that WhatsApp has 1.5 billion monthly users worldwide and around 200 million people in India are connected to this platform.

Introducing the new feature, WhatsApp said, “Starting today, WhatsApp will let you know which messages have been forwarded.”

The ‘suspicious link detection’ feature was spotted on WhatsApp last week. It is designed to highlight the existence of protected links in messages. To prevent the spread of false messages in the application ‘Send message’ permission feature Also brought. This will allow group administrators to stop sending messages to all group members

Get the WhatsApp ‘Forward’ feature
Note that you must have the latest version of WhatsApp to view the ‘Forward’ label. This label appears just above the message so that users can see if the message sent to them is forwarded or retyped. Also, there is no option to disable this label. This means that users who send messages will not be able to remove this label on their behalf.

A WhatsApp spokesperson told Gadgets360 that the feature is being rolled out to Android and iOS users. It will be available to users around the world in a few days. There is no doubt that this is a very effective feature to identify the message being forwarded on the WhatsApp platform. However, users can copy and paste the text of a message if they want, if it will go as a new message and will not have a forward label.

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