It’s easy to find offline content in the Google Chrome Android app

Google Chrome’s Android application will now make the content available to users offline. This browser will automatically download the related article when there is a Wi-Fi network. Explain that the content will be downloaded based on popularity, your location or your browsing history. Once downloaded, you will be able to access this content even if you do not have an internet connection. The new offline feature is available in the latest version of the Google Chrome Android app. Note that just this month Google released Chrome 67 for Android which comes with a horizontal tab switcher.

Let us know that new features have been released for Chrome Android app users in India, as well as it has been made available in over a hundred countries. This feature allows users to surf the web without an Internet connection. In it, the company stated that whenever users are connected to a Wi-Fi connection. Chrome will automatically download the most popular and related content based on your location

If you sign in to Google, the new feature will give you an article based on your browsing history. Downloaded content will be available in the download section of the Chrome app. You can get here by tapping on the three points seen in the upper right. After that you have to select the download option.

In December 2016, users were allowed to download content for offline use in the Google Chrome Android app. At this time the browser had the option to download music, videos and the entire webpage. This was followed in May 2017 by a separate ‘download page letter’ in Chrome. Since then it has become more convenient to download the webpage for offline use. There was an alternative to ‘download link’ which made it easier to download content from the original version.

The new feature introduced for Chrome has taken the automatically downloaded feature to another level. Content will be downloaded based on browsing history logs and popularity. The user does not have to do anything separately for the new feature. But for this you should have the latest Android app of Google Chrome on your phone.

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