Jomato’s plan, home delivery of alcohol in the coming days

The lockdown has been going on in India for almost two months. Under such circumstances, until recently, the government stopped selling all non-essential products in the market, both online and offline. At Lockdown 3.0.0, the government has now created some rules, under which the sale of unnecessary products has started in some protected areas. Not only that, the government recently launched a few liquor stores. But the government’s concern is growing because of the crowds and lack of social distance outside liquor stores. Now a new report has been published, where Jomato plans to convert the growing demand for alcohol into earnings during a country-imposed coronavirus lockdown early in the food distribution. The company is trying to help deliver alcohol to people’s homes.

According to documents seen by Reuters, Jomato is trying to supply alcohol during the lockdown in India. The company has already started delivering groceries as many restaurants have closed due to the ban and people are avoiding eating due to the risk of infection. In such a situation, the company is looking for a way to earn regular income.

Liquor stores across the country have been locked since March 25, allowing them to reopen this week. But soon after the decision, hundreds of people lined up outside liquor stores in several cities. The crowds were so large that in many places the police even had to be beaten to follow the social distance. To reduce traffic congestion, the Delhi government imposed a special coroner’s fee of 70 per cent on liquor and the Mumbai government closed all shops within two days of the congestion.

I tell you that there are no legal provisions for the supply of liquor in India at the moment and discussions are underway between the International Spirit and Wine Association of India (ISWIA) and some other apps with online food distribution app Zomato to bring about the same change.

Amrit Kiran Singh, executive chairman of ISWIA, said state governments should start supplying liquor, which would bring some improvement in the revenue of states facing lockdown.

The report said that ISYAI had contacted Suu Kyi along with Jumato about the matter.

According to the latest data from London-based research group IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, the market for alcohol in India was about $ 2.2 billion (approximately 2.06 trillion) in 2018.

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