Launch Opera News Lite application, save less and use data

Opera has launched a lighter version of its news app. It will be called Opera News Lite. This application is designed for users whose storage is short and does not get data very fast. This application has been made available in the Google Play Store. Interested users can also download it. Opera News Lite is available in more than 60 languages ​​and countries. The application is based on the company’s own Opera News, which was launched about two years ago. This new application provides a faster browsing experience using less resources. In addition to these, the app has the popular features of the old app.

Opera has it Blog The post states that the size of the new Opera News Lite app is ‘less than a megabyte’, which means users with limited download bandwidth need not worry. Oprah Newslight retains features such as personalized news articles, exclusive original content, and breaking news notifications. All of these features are also part of the old Opera News app.

You can download the Opera News Lite app from the Google Play Store, which is 1 MB in size, but its older Opera News app is 11 MB in size.

According to the agency, the application will run faster in selected countries. This is because the local data centers of the organization are located in the vicinity of these areas. Connection delays have been reported to be reduced due to local data centers. Due to this, it is possible to move four times faster in Opera News Lite app.

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