Lockdown 3.0: The Cure Bridge application has made this mandatory for these people

The government has again extended the ongoing lockdown for two weeks to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic. The ongoing lockdown was originally scheduled to open on May 3, but an announcement was made on Friday and it was extended for two weeks. Also, the government has now made it mandatory for all workers in the public and private sectors to use the cure bridge application. In addition, this app has been made mandatory for people living in the Covid-19 containment zone. The government has asked officials to ensure that all people in these areas will install the app. The Arogya Setu app was launched by the government in early April and has been downloaded millions of times within days of its launch.

At the direction of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Dr., (Translation) “Healing bridge application will be made mandatory for employees in both private and public sectors. It will be the responsibility of the heads of the concerned agencies to ensure 100% coverage of this application among their employees.”

The government on Wednesday made it mandatory for all central government employees to use the app.

Also in the MHA guidelines Dr. That is, private offices in the Red Zone (excluding the Containment Zone) can work with 33 percent of the staff. The rest of the staff will have to work from home. Also, the Orange and Green Zones are allowed to open offices with 100 percent employees. The remaining 33 percent of employees will be able to work with all senior officials in government offices in the Red Zone.

MHA Guidelines It was further clarified that all officers should ensure that the citizens of each content zone should use the Healing Bridge application.

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