Lost mobile search has been made easier, this feature has been added to the Google Five My device

A new feature has been added to the Google Find My Device app. Google My Device helps to find unlocked Android smartphones. If you lose your phone, you may start worrying about data, photos and other important items. For the convenience of users, the Indoor Maps feature has recently been included in Google Find My Device. The phone can be locked with the help of Find My device.

With the Indoor Maps feature, you’ll now be able to locate your phone in airports, malls and other large buildings. The Report It is said that Google has not yet specified in which buildings this new feature will be displayed in the interior view. Apps in the Google Play Store Description According to him, indoor maps will help users find handsets in airports, shopping centers and large buildings.

The Find My Device app allows users to view custom messages and contact numbers on the lock screen by playing sound at full volume, regardless of current or last location on the map, silent or locked smartphone. Recall that the Google Find My Device app was launched in May last year. For this, you can also search your lost smartphone with the help of Google Maps. To track the location you need to follow some important things. To know this important thing, let us News Read on.

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