Many apps like Paytm, Jomato, Disney + Hotstar are down worldwide including India.

Many apps like Paytm (Paytm), Zomato (Jomato), Sony Live (Sony Live), Hotstar (Hotstore), PlayStation Network (PSN) went down on Thursday evening, July 22nd. This problem was encountered by many users around the world. But so far no interesting information has been released about the reason. However, preliminary reports show that the problem is due to the Akamai web infrastructure.

The outage began at 8:30 pm on Thursday, according to Internet Outage Tracker DownDector. Within five minutes, the number of people unable to access Zomato alone was reported to be around 3,000. There were similar problems with many other services.

This disruption affected some NDTV sites. The problem seems to have come from Akamai, which provides the Internet with a critical infrastructure. According to DownDector, some of the sites affected include popular gaming services such as Steam and PSN, Disney + Hotstar, streaming services such as G5 and Sony Live, and e-commerce platforms such as Jumato, Amazon and Paytm. .

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