Many new features for joining Google Duo will increase the number of group video call users

Google Duo is set to get new features in the coming weeks. According to Google, a new update has been released for the duo as the number of video calling application users has increased due to the Corona virus epidemic. Google said in its blog post that the snapshot feature, Cold Duo Movement will be added to Google Duo. This allows users to take screenshots during video calls. Currently, 12 people can be added to a video call in this application.

Google published the blog on Tuesday Post The Duo app is reportedly adding 10 million new users every week. At the same time, in many countries the number of calls per person has increased 10 times. Keeping in mind the growing number of users, Google has announced that it will work with “AV1 (Aomedia Video 1) Video Codec Technology” to improve the video quality of the app and increase the security of the app. Google claims that AV1 technology works to provide better quality even on weaker to weaker network connections. However, it is not yet clear when this update will be launched.

It was also mentioned in the blog post that the snapshot feature has been added under the name ‘Duo Moments’. With this feature, users can capture their video call experience in screenshots. Google’s post says that this feature has been rolled out, although Indian Google Duo users have not yet received this update. Another one from Google Forum However it has been informed that in order to use this dual movement, both the members making the video call must enable the moment feature on their device. To enable this feature on your Android device, you need to go to settings and call settings. Here you need to launch Google Movement. At the same time, iPhone and iPad users go to settings and turn on Google Movement to enable this feature. The company further clarified that this feature is not available for group video calls, you can only enjoy one to one video calls.

Speaking of group video calls, Google claims that more members will soon be added to both apps during video calls. Google, however, did not specify if this feature will only be available for video calls or if it includes audio group calls. Currently, in the Google Duo app, you can add a total of 12 members to video and audio calls, and only 11 members during a group video call.

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