MI has got 2 new updates, solved many problems with new security patches

The Xiaomi MI A2 smartphone has started getting the Android protection patch by September 2020 with a new update. In addition to security patches, this update has some bug fixes that have been bothering users for some time. This includes the disappearance of split screen features for some users, which prevents them from using multiple applications at once. In addition to this, the new update of Emo A2 smartphone has also fixed the Echo bug, although it has not been fully developed yet. The Xiaomi MI A2 smartphone was launched in July last year, the phone received the Android 10 update earlier this year.

M a2 Forum has announced the release of this latest update for Post This update comes with build-number v11.0.14.0.QDIMIXM. This update has been initially rotated to Staged Manor, which will be published in full batches. To check for the availability of updates on your MI A2 smartphone, you can go to settings and update the system.

This update also fixes some issues with the September 2020 security patch. As we mentioned in this update, the split screen feature has been improved for some users, which would automatically disappear. The echo issue has also been partially improved with this update. In this problem, whenever users called someone through the phone app, they could hear their own voice. M in community forums Information Given that this update is a bug fixer after the Android 10 update. However, the echo bug has not been fully fixed with this update, at the moment it has been partially fixed.

The post also provides information about unresolved bugs, which are alleged to be present in M2. These include problems with the slow speed of Wi-Fi networks and poor focus on the primary camera. MI A2 users have experience tampering with the display, allegedly using GIF on Twitter. Xiaomi should also fix these issues with upcoming updates.

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