Mitron app claims Pakistani ‘connection’

The Mitron app was not built in India, but was purchased from Pakistani software developer Quebec. A report has revealed this. However, as it is known as an app of Indian origin, it is being widely downloaded in India. One of the interesting things about the name of friends is that the word Prime Minister Narendra Modi often said spoken friends means friends and somewhere it will make people feel like it is a native application. But now a new report is claiming that the Friends app is actually a rebranded version of the TickTick app, created by a Pakistani developer named Cuboxus.

Irfan Shaikh, Founder and CEO of Cubicus Has been said They sold the app’s source code to a Maitron manufacturer for 34 34, or about 500 2,500. Sheikh further revealed that his company sells source code, which allows buyers to customize the application. He said on Network 18 (translated) “It’s not a problem what the developer did. He paid for the script and used it, which is fine. But the problem is those who are calling it an Indian-made app, it’s That’s not true, because the developers haven’t made any changes to the app. “

Friends The identity of the K producer is not yet confirmed, though reports say it was done by a student at IIT Roorkee. Web pages that develop Mirton applications on Google Play lead to a website shop Killarin which is a blank page.

The app also has no privacy policy, so people signing up for it and uploading their videos – have no idea what’s going on with their data. If the application has been asked for permission, these are many.

According to most of the reviews received by the app, the real experience of this app is full of bugs. Surprisingly, the bugs reported by the users gave the app a higher rating in the reviews and the reason behind this is that the app is Indian. So, now that the app has been purchased from a Pakistani developer, it could certainly drop in ratings.

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