Movies and web series will be available for two days on Netflix for free starting in December

Netflix plans to offer a 48-hour free trial in December to promote streaming services in India. The preliminary information of this free trial has been published in the latest Netflix app on Android devices. The app has a code that indicates that the trial can be called Streamfest. Recently, Netflix COO Greg Peters announced the launch of a free weekend trial, which is set to begin with India.

Netflix app for Android Version 78.786.0 build in-application text 11 35157 mentions Netflix Streamfest trial, the first reported by Mishal Rahman to XDA developers Public Done. It is learned from the written word that this trial will start from 4th December as a promotional event.

In addition to these, the application text also provides a grant that for this streamstream test, users do not have to enter their payment details when signing up. This is different from the company’s old 30-day trial, where users need to apply the method they have been given. In this, the users had to choose the plan by entering the credit card or debit card details so that they can return to the plan after the promotional test is over.

However, users who have yet to sign up for the test will be advised to bring their phone number to Netflix in December, a two-day free movie and web series on Netflix, the beginning of December and a 48-hour free trial of Akhran in India for access to email addresses. This information will only be used to send reminder messages.

On the other hand, the Netflix Streamest service may be completely free, but it seems to be Access Will be limited. The Netflix application’s strings “Netflix Streamfest enabled” read indicates that this trial will not be available to all users in the country, it may be a limited-group test by the organization

According to the latest official data from the company, Netflix has more than 19.5 million subscribers worldwide. However, this is not one compared to the estimated customer growth, with 2.2 million customers added to the gyms in the third quarter. In addition to this, the company also faces companies like Amazon Prime Video and Disney + Hotstar in India.

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