Mumbai Police is appealing not to reply to WhatsApp messages, find out the whole thing

Mumbai police are in talks again. Whenever there is an important message to reach the common man through any social message, Mumbai Police adopts a very creative approach. Whether it is a road safety guide or not COVID-19 To follow related instructions. This section is well aware of what kind of messages can be used to influence people on social media. On April 22, Mumbai Police again made a post on Instagram. In it he makes equal use of both intellect and humor. Police want to tell people how important it is to stay indoors amid growing cases of COVID-19.
Mumbai Police captioned the message posted on Instagram – “Because it is not necessary to reply to any message, it is not necessary!” (Because not every message needs to be answered). This WhatsApp Exact copy of chat photo has been posted.

It shows a host of friends. Inside which office friends, travel friends, society friends etc. are shown etc. They are all asking to meet someone outside. There are many types of messages displayed in this message such as – Come on, let’s go for a walk in the open air, we can eat somewhere outside.

The person to whom this message is being sent is ignoring these messages. Who is trying to say that doing this is a direct invitation to bring Corona home.

This post has received 16000 likes and very funny comments.
One user Lovely Singh 8889 commented- “Inspire Mumbai Police!”
Another user Jitesh_Chawan wrote – “Sometimes it’s better to say ‘no’.”
Another user Tia_Thimagachemi wrote – Bang On.
Bibhuti_Matale writes- “াইMumbaiPolice is elevating their media game. What a great.” (Wow, Mumbai Police is elevating its media game)) “
In another interesting comment samp37 wrote – “I’m wondering where my crush gets the idea to ignore my message.”

Even before that, the Mumbai Police has repeatedly given very interesting and discreet posts to raise awareness. Also in March, the department posted multiple ads about the need to wear a mask. Tags from popular brands were used.

Earlier, Mumbai Police posted a famous song from the 90s movie Khamoshi to raise awareness about Kovid-19 – Today Main Upper, Asma Down.
Very interesting posts about COVID-19 were also published on April Fool’s Day. It was written in an Instagram post – the epidemic is over. Below this was a caption – Some fools seem to be walking without masks.

On April 22, there were 67,013 cases of corona in Maharashtra. There are 99 lakh active cases in the state so far. With this, the total number of Kavid-19 cases in the state has reached 40.9 lakhs.

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